Our mission is to help people master their Generative Skills and unleash their potential

Your Growth Engine

Generative Skills are the building blocks of infinite growth. Generative Skills enable us to imagine, envision, and realize our visions. Mastering them also creates the setup for acquiring additional, more specific skills and capabilities.

Generative Skills are a personal, organizational, and communal growth engine.


Generative Skills are Universal

Generative Skills are essential in any domain, profession, or project. They are as critical to your personal growth as they are to defining and meeting your business goals. You can easily apply your Generative Skills in any context with little or no adaption. In that sense, mastering the Generative Skills is your best investment — an investment that delivers value no matter how the external conditions change.

Generative Skills are also timeless. While they can be implemented and applied in numerous ways, their essence is not coupled with any specific technology. They are as relevant today as they were 100 years ago and will be going forward.

Generative Skills are Natural

Generative Skills are an integral part of what makes us humans. We are born with them, and they are a natural part of who we are. At the same time, as we grow up and with the challenges of modern society, our capacity to apply them effectively is often gradually reduced.

Since Generative Skills are an integral part of how we are wired, we don’t need to learn them — we need to re-learn them and bring them back to the front of whatever we do. That is why many practices that cultivate these skills are easy to adopt with nothing more than awareness and simple intentful actions.


Generative Skills are Catalytic

What makes Generative Skills so powerful is their ability to elevate other skills and help you achieve more, more effectively. Generative Skills do not replace domain-specific skills — they super-charge them and create the foundation for concrete skills to thrive and be utilized.

As Generative Skills become part of your natural way of doing things, more opportunities to apply them emerge. And the more you use them, their impact on your abilities and achievements grows exponentially.


Generate Ideas

Yellow Paint

We are all born creative. As children, we intuitively apply our creative skills, but as we grow up, many of us lead a less creative life. Our minds are still programmed to be creative, but most of us do not realize this potential due to the lack of proper setup, mindset, and practice.

Leading a creative life is essential now more than ever before. Creativity can enhance everything we do in our professional, personal, and community lives. Our creative skills can become game-changers.

The Creativity OS

Sustainable creativity requires a solid foundation. Creativity is not an act or a one-time event — it is a way to you lead your life.

The Creativity OS is a model for leading a creative life and creating the setup for creativity to emerge and thrive. By enhancing seven core skills and adopting creativity-enabling habits, we can identify more opportunities and overcome challenges in creative ways.


The more you use your Creativity, the better it gets. Creating for no reason at all is the best (and most playful) practice for mastering your Creativity.

seempli is a Creativity Gym — a super-tool that creates infinite opportunities for you to experience, observe, wonder, fuse, imagine and play. Whether you use it just for fun or as part of profound ideation and reflection, seempli is the most natural and playful way to strengthen your core creativity skills.

Workshops and Mentoring

Our group workshops are designed to bring you up to speed with The Creativity OS model and daily creativity practices you can apply immediately in your personal and professional life.

In our 1:1 mentoring for freelancers, managers, and leaders, we work together to help you create a creative setup for you and your team to grow and thrive.

3X Creativity

Our creativity-boosting newsletter brings you three ideas to experience and experiment with weekly.

A three-minute read that will change your entire week and beyond.


Share your Ideas and co-create


Communication is as essential to growth as creativity. We often need others to help us realize our ideas. We want our ideas to reach more people and make a greater impact. Communication is key to sharing our ideas and collaborating with others who might have different perspectives and surprising creative insights.

We communicate all the time without giving it much thought. But to co-create and make an impact, we need to communicate intentfully and effectively. Effective communication is the engine of spreading ideas and creating fusions that no single mind can imagine alone.

The Keynote Lab

Whether you write social posts and articles, design a workshop or a public talk, or start to work on a book, what you communicate and how you communicate it are as important as your ideas.

In The Keynote Lab, we work with individuals, teams, and organizations who wish their ideas to make a greater impact. We help professionals create content that has value and long-lasting resonance — content that is not only memorable but also inspires action.

Fixing Workplace Communication

Any group of people working together toward a common goal needs to communicate. The modern workplace relies heavily on communication, but most managers and employees feel workplace communication is not effective. Sometimes, it is even destructive.

Fixing workplace communication sounds impossible, given how deeply rooted this problem is. But using simple practices and defining intentful communication flows, any team and organization can turn communication into an effective and essential part of their core work.

Team Workshops

Our group workshops cover the foundations of effective communication within the workplace and publicly with different audiences and collaborators. Packed with real-world examples, exercises, and practical methods you can apply immediately, our communication workshops give you everything you need to make a greater impact with your ideas.

Generative Communication

Daily thought-provoking insights on effective communication in all its forms, from writing for social media to workplace communication. Surprisingly (or not), effective communication relies on the same foundations regardless of the context.

A three-minute read designed to challenge what we know about communication and help us achieve more, more effectively.

The Content Shaper

Writing is a unique form of communication. You write for others to read (and hopefully react), but for the most part, you do it alone in front of a blank page that can only mirror your thoughts. That’s why writing doesn’t come easy for most people.

There’s a better, more effective way to write: writing together.

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