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Generative Communication

Daily thought-provoking insights on effective communication in all its forms, from writing for social media to workplace communication. Surprisingly (or not), effective communication relies on the same foundations regardless of the context. A three-minute read designed to challenge what we know about communication and help us achieve more, more effectively.

Team Workshops

Our group workshops cover the foundations of effective communication within the workplace and publicly with different audiences and collaborators. Packed with real-world examples, exercises, and practical methods you can apply immediately, our communication workshops give you everything you need to make a greater impact with your ideas.

Fixing Workplace Communication

Any group of people working together toward a common goal needs to communicate. The modern workplace relies heavily on communication, but most managers and employees feel workplace communication is not effective. Sometimes, it is even destructive. Fixing workplace communication sounds impossible, given how deeply rooted this problem is. But using simple practices and defining intentful …

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The more you use your Creativity, the better it gets. Creating for no reason at all is the best (and most playful) practice for mastering your Creativity. seempli is a Creativity Gym — a super-tool that creates infinite opportunities for you to experience, observe, wonder, fuse, imagine and play. Whether you use it just for …

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The Creativity OS

Sustainable creativity requires a solid foundation. Creativity is not an act or a one-time event — it is a way to you lead your life. The Creativity OS is a model for leading a creative life and creating the setup for creativity to emerge and thrive. By enhancing seven core skills and adopting creativity-enabling habits, …

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